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About Us

The AIU Story

For over 26 years, the Australian Institute of Ultrasound (AIU) has been the premier ultrasound training institute in Australia. It is known internationally as ‘a premier, highly respected clinically focused training school’ with a strong and consistent history of offering innovative, flexible and supportive ultrasound training and certification. It provides hands-on, practical ultrasound training and offers a caring, supportive and structured learning environment.

Headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, the AIU has a purpose designed facility with 10 bays, 3 classrooms, a range of ultrasound machines and state-of-the-art IT and infrastructure to support ultrasound education.

AIU courses meet internationally benchmarked standards (WFUMB, ISUOG, ASUM, AIUM) and are delivered by highly qualified and experienced Sonographers and Sonologists.

AIU currently offers over 350 courses across 15 specialties, providing training to over 1,000 clinicians each year, primarily in point-of-care ultrasound. Its team comprises 18 core sonographers (General, Obstetrics, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal) and specialist lead clinicians who develop curriculum as well as tutor and provide case-based discussion.

AIU is proudly partnered with NUS

In April 2016, AIU offered its first basic abdominal ultrasound training course for family physicians at NUS. The success of this course, evident via course evaluation, feedback and stakeholder observation, resulted in a strategic intent from both parties to provide regular high-quality ultrasound training in Singapore.

The partnership between AIU and NUS is testament to the two parties’ desire to further clinical ultrasound skills in Singapore and aim to set the standard of ultrasound education in the region.

Our core purpose

Our core purpose is to help those in the health care profession to improve patient care and outcomes.
Our mission is to see all ultrasound users as safe, competent and knowing the limitations of ultrasound in practice.

The essential question that motivates us every day is:

How can we better educate and train ultrasound users?

  • To acquire skills in optimising and documenting images.
  • To interpret images for clinical reasoning.
  • To integrate information for patient management.

Our core values


  • To reliably achieve high quality and standards.
  • To continually improve, innovate, learn and grow.

Care, Compassion and Respect

  • With staff, clients and the wider community.


  • To support, help, and collaborate.
  • To communicate effectively.

Our education philosophy

Our educational philosophy focuses on:

  • Proving desirable skill pathways;
  • Course options and modules that allow lots of practice on real patients with a low ratio of student to tutor;
  • Giving you a structured educational approach to close your skill gaps.

We work from your current skill level and progress you in a structure way. This is an individualised approach. Everyone learns at a different pace. Instead of providing multiple skills in one day, evidenced-based education research and our own experience highlights that need for students to focus on a core skill with regular practice. This moves you toward mastery.