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We answer your most frequently asked questions. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

You can do the Basic course only / or the Basic + Advanced courses only. You will still be assessed as part of the programme, but there is no obligation to submit images for review – to prove competence. However, we would strongly encourage ultrasound users to continue through to competence.

All course registrations are accepted directly via the AIU Singapore website. Simply add the course to your cart and proceed to the checkout to make payment.

If the course is available for booking, the course detail page will display ‘Course Dates and Fees’. The dropdown menu will display available course dates and corresponding course fees.

Registrations are accepted directly via the AIU Singapore website. Simply add the course to your cart and proceed to the checkout to make payment.

There is no fixed time limit to completion. All learners will advance at a different rate based on the below influencing factors:

    1. The complexity of the module (e.g. AAA will require less cases and images than BELS).
    2. Your individual clinical practice, especially how frequently you scan.

We have real people as volunteers/patient models on the course. It is vital to your skill development to practice on real people. We cannot guarantee pathology as this is dependant on our volunteers.

We value their contribution and provide them with the same respect and privacy as any ‘real’ patient.

Courses — our courses operate at a maximum 1:4 tutor to student ratio. You will get quality, equal, hands on scanning time.
Workshops — workshops typically operate at a higher student to tutor ratio.

We use a range of Sonosite equipment.

Generally no. This is because, in our experience it imposes on the scan time of others in the group when we switch between machines and detracts from the teaching. If you register as a group of four, then we can accommodate your own machine. Please notify us of this at the time of your registration so we can group you accordingly and we can be prepared for your specific equipment.

  • There is an online pre and post quiz required for each course.
  • A formative practical assessment is conducted as part of the Basic course programme.
  • A summative practical assessment is conducted as part of the Advanced course programme.

Upon successful completion of the Basic and Advanced course, as well as the course specific logbook requirements, students will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Competence’ in point of care ultrasound.

Yes, the ‘Certificate of Competence’ is currently recognised with the NUHS group and we hope to open discussions with other stakeholders.

We recommend bringing your smart phone to take photos of your images on the ultrasound screen.
All equipment required to carry out the course will be provided to you on the day.

A tea break and a meal break are generally catered for as part of the course. Please check the website for inclusions.

Yes, we are always evolving our schedule of courses to meet the market needs. We can also develop individualised tailored programmes on request.

We offer a select schedule of AIU–NUS courses under the SkillsFuture programme (SSG). These courses differ to our standard calendared courses. The SkillsFuture courses are available to eligible Singaporean doctors only. All registrations are made via NUS website. This programme is available for a limited time only and subject to change at any time. Please click here for more information.