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Volunteers play a vital role at AIU

With your help, ‘real patient’ ultrasound training is made possible for our students and together we are helping the next generation of doctors reach the highest standards of patient care and outcomes.

To assist our training, we require a number of volunteers each week. Our volunteers are always treated with courtesy and respect. We are always grateful for the time and assistance we receive from our volunteers and believe that our friendly staff and relaxed environment ensure that our volunteers look forward to participating – again and again.

What do we scan?

  • Heart, Abdomen, Gallbladder, Liver, Kidneys
  • Arteries, Veins
  • Pelvis, Uterus, Bladder
  • Muscles, Joints
  • Pregnancy

In other words… most parts of the body!

Good to know

  • Ultrasound is safe – unlike X-ray, ultrasound uses sound wave technology, so there is no radiation exposure.
  • Volunteer appointments are typically 1 hour.
  • We do not provide diagnostic reports, however we will advise you and your doctor of any incidental findings that may be identified.
  • There are typically 1-4 students scanning per volunteer.
  • Our highly experienced Sonographers or Clinicians are present at all times.
  • We welcome volunteers of all ages.

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